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Corporate Documents and Structure


OARC, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation formed under the laws of the State of Delaware. The corporation was created June 30, 2008 (file number 4569769).

Staff - Team

Name Position
Keith Mitchell President, Secretary
Matt Pounsett Systems Engineer
Michael Baer Systems Engineer
Steve Sullivan Membership Coordinator
Jerry Lundstrom Software Engineer
Denesh Bhabuta Events Coordinator
Rebecca Petro Administrative Coordinator
Pam Stone Book-Keeper

Board of Directors

OARC, Inc. is governed by a six-person Board of Directors composed of Member representatives elected by the membership to serve two-year terms. The current Directors are:

Name Role
Benno Overeinder Chair, At-Large Director
Joao Damas At-Large Director
Joe Abley Treasurer, At-Large Director
Paul Ebersman At-Large Director
Ray Bellis PC Liaison, At-Large Director
Shumon Huque At-Large Director