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Grants & Donors

Grants and Donations

Membership dues have been the primary funding source supporting OARC’s Mission.
The last few years we have been pursuing other grant and donation sources in order to further develop new, and improve our existing Open Source Software and Services for the DNS community.

Here are the recent grantors we’d like to acknowledge for partial or fully funding these respective Projects:


Award Date Grantor Project Amount
Dec 2022 Verisign Unrestricted $10,000
Sep 2022 Community Grants Fund AS112 Project Website Improvements $ 7,500
Nov 2021 NIC.AT GmbH DSC suffix list project $ 3,750
Nov 2021 Verisign Unrestricted $25,000
Oct 2020 Community Grants Fund RPKI origin validation UI for CheckMyDNS $ 5,000
Aug 2020 Verisign New Data Storage Infrastructure $25,000
Aug 2020 Mozilla MOSS dnsperfDoH Compatibility $30,000
Jul 2020 Comcast Innovation Fund dnsperf BIND Library re-factoring $20,000
Jun 2020 Comcast Innovation Fund New Data Storage Infrastructure $10,000
Apr 2020 EURid Domain Statistics Collector data tool $ 7,500
Jan 2020 Swedish Int. Foundation Soteria code analysis and coverage $26,500
Oct 2019 Verisign Unrestricted $25,000
Aug 2019 ARIN Community Grants Fund Open Source DNS Tools Maintenance $ 7,500
Nov 2018 GmbH DSC Response Time Statistics $ 6,800


2020 Gransy, SOX, Swedish Int. Fnd., and Quad9 New Data Storage Infrastructure

If you  have a special project you'd like us to develop for the DNS community, please contact us at admin @!