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OARC Privacy Committee

Privacy Committee Members

DNS-OARC has a Privacy Committee of 7 volunteers whose principal responsibility is to assist DNS-OARC with respect to privacy and data use matters. The current members are:

Name Organization Role
Benno Overeinder NLnet Labs Chair
George Michaelson APNIC Member
João Damas APNIC Member
Peter Lowe DNSFilter Member
Sara Dickinson Sinodun Internet Technologies Ltd Member
David Lawrence Salesforce Member
Steve Sullivan DNS-OARC Staff Liaison



The Privacy Committee is responsible for:

  • Write and publish the Privacy Committee Charter, per board approval
  • Obtaining informed and reliable opinions about the degree to which DNS-OARC currently meets the requirements of privacy law for data
  • Within the constraints of relevant privacy law, consider how to maximise the amount, usability, and usage of data collected by OARC in the future
  • Address how metadata and a maintained data catalogue could simplify the access to data for DNS-OARC 
  • Review the coverage required for any privacy policy related to public services and work with an appropriate professional to develop and publish such a policy
  • Propose the process for appointing a Privacy Officer